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Top 5 World’s Most Famous Historical Monuments

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The ancient buildings fascinate not only because of their significant beauty.A monument is a kind of structure either expressly made to recognize a man or critical occasion or which has turned out to be essential to a social gathering as a piece of their recognition of notable circumstances or social legacy. These are not the only monuments in the world, there are much more. Don’t miss out on the beautiful history our world has!!!

The Taj Mahal

Build by  emperor Shah Jahan

The most famous monument of love, emperor Shah Jahan built this white marble wonder in the memory of his dead wife Mumtaz Mahal.It has been one of the Seven Wonders of the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



It was built around 1450

It is the most exciting heritage of the Inca civilization. Its mountainous peaks and deep valley are something very precious. The architecture style is the Inca style, with polished dry-stone walls. The city was abandoned during the Spanish Conquest. But it is said that the city can unearth many secrets of the Inca civilization.


Angkor Wat

The monument was built in the 12th century.

Once a major center of activity and commerce of the Khmer empire, Angkor Wat now remains as one of the oldest and biggest religious temple complexes in the world. Due to years of wars, many parts of the temple are now remaining as stones and rubble.


 The Colosseum

It was built in 70 AD.

It is considered as the greatest piece of Roman architecture.It was an amphitheater where gladiators battled for their lives. This impressive arena could have held 50 000 spectators.



It was built around 3000 years ago.

The oldest monument of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.In the Giza necropolis lies the Sphinx, the Great Pyramid of Giza and lots more. Each of the pyramids has stories to tell. The tombs, sculptures, carvings are all shreds of evidence of a glorious past of Egypt.

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