Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online

Don’t waste time online.

The internet is a vast area with huge potential to make money. There are several people who make $100s to $1000s per day. If you have the determination, time and some computer skills, then you could earn some cash too! Here are five popluar ways to make money online.

Sell digital goods on Envato

For designers, programmers, musicians & other creative pros.

Are you a designer, programmer, musician, photographer, 3D artist or a video editor? If so, look no further than Envato. Envato is the best online marketplace for digital assets. You could be making anywhere from a few dollars to 100k dollars by selling digital assets. Also Read: The best color palette sites for designers.

Post Gigs on Fiverr

Make your first 5$

Fiverr is a website where you can post gigs for 5$ or more. You earn money when others purchase your gig. This free site has helped thousands of people to make a decent income from the internet. Start now before it’s too late!


Work as a Freelancer

Start your freelancing career on elance.com

Working as a freelancer is another popular way of earning money online. Unlike other methods, you will have to search for jobs each time. However, for you to prosper in this field, it takes time! There are almost all types of jobs available for freelancing such as data entry, article writing, website development, etc. Upwork, 99Designs, Elance, Guru are a few of the popular freelancing websites.


Start a website

It can be the new big thing!

One of the easiest and flexible ways of making money online is to start a website. Whether it be a utility site, e-commerce or a blog, you will have the opportunity to make a very good income from it. The most popular way to monetize your website is to place ads such as from Google Adsense. You could also sell ad spots directly with BuySellAds.



Start your youtube career today!

This is perhaps the most easiest and fastest way to make money online. Post videos on your youtube channel and monetize it with Google Adsense to make some cash out of it. The most popular Youtubers makes around 12M$/month!! Don’t get carried away by the numbers!! Start researching and find out the best niche that works for you.


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