5 Things you didn't know about World War 2

1. Invention Of RADAR

In 1935 British engineer Robert Watson-Watt was trying to develop a device named "Death Ray" to destroy enemy aircraft using radio waves instead it evolved to modern day RADAR.

2. Major Breakthrough in WW II

The breaking of ENIGMA by Alan Turing shortened the World War by more than 2 years and saving over 14 million lives.

3. Blood for Blood to save humanity

William Patrick Hitler nephew of Adolf Hitler was in U.S Navy during WW II. He changed his name after the war.

4.Tank Battle

Greatest tank battle in history occurred between the German and Russian at Kursk in Russia where more than 3600 tanks were involved.

5. The third target

If it becomes necessary to drop a third atom bomb in Japan ,Tokyo would have been the targeted city.