5 Healthy And Special Easter Brunch Ideas.

Easter Sunday is almost here. Do you have brunch plans for the family? Do you have your menu planned yet? Never fear – we’ve compiled our 5 freshest, most delicious brunch ideas…!!! HAPPY BRUNCHING!

The Easter Bunny is on his way with chocolate eggs and marshmallow chicks for the kids…..now if only he would drop off a ready made dish for Mom and Dad to take to the family Easter brunch.It needs to be shareable,especially if you’ve got a big family to feed.And it has to be portable,so that it survives the drive over to Grandma’s house.It can’t take hours to put together either,because you might already be getting up early for church.(But if it does take a little time,it needs to be something you can make the night before knowing that it’ll still be just as appetizing the next morning).And it needs to be so crowd pleasing that you don’t have to take home any leftovers…Have a relaxing Easter Sunday by planning ahead for the ultimate brunch menu that your family and relatives will love…!!!!

Old Fashioned Baked Ham With Pineapple & Maple Glaze

An old family recipe that never fails to please.

This Best Ham recipe saves you money and time. It’s that easy.The secret is to buy a shank portion (not butt portion) of a good ham company .Then to reduce the salty taste,boil the ham for an hour in water. This can be done ahead of time. Add this delicious ham glaze and the pineapples and bake. The BEST ham ever!This can be served with potatoes or yams.


Brioche french toast

There’s nothing like sweet, golden brown french toast!

Balance out brunch with a sweet dish like brioche french toast. The best part of this recipe is you can do all the prep work the night before and you can cook it on the BBQ if the weather allows. That’s two best parts.This recipe is obviously the best.Since French toast is all about the bread, the kind of bread you use makes a difference. You want a firm bread, one that can stand up to a good soak in egg and milk; but it shouldn’t be so firm that frying makes it tough. We think butter and egg rich brioche is an ideal choice.


Asparagus,Leek And Gruyere Quiche

This one is loaded with veggies!

You can’t have brunch without quiche, and you can’t have spring without asparagus. Is this the perfect Easter brunch recipe, you might ask? Yes. Yes, it is.This spring dish is made richer with Gruyere — an aged Swiss cheese with a nutty flavor that tastes great with eggs.


Egg-and-Cheese Soufflé

Crowd Pleaser!!!

The French-inspired soufflé is an elegant and simple dish for a special occasion breakfast or brunch. Add fresh herbs to the cheese sauce.Soufflés need something to cling to. Soufflés are baked in ungreased dishes so they can cling to the sides on their ascent. If a coating is desired, lightly grease the dish with butter or cooking spray; then dust evenly and completely with grated Parmesan cheese, fine dry bread crumbs or cornmeal. The coating will keep the soufflé from slipping down to the bottom.


Pesto-Ricotta Pie

Use Fresh Ingredients!

 Made with a soft thin crust, and with carefully selected ingredients like; red sauce, ricotta cheese, mozzarella from fresh milk and with a fresh basil pesto sprinkled on top, this is your perfect choice even if you’re vegan or not.

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