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5 Famous Photographs Which Made The World Think!

Photographers are artists. When disasters strike and wars kill lives these artists dusts off their cameras to make the world see what they forgets to see.


Bhopal Gas Tragedy

by Raghu Rai

People were having a cold and cozy sleep when the disaster struck. The pesticide plant Union Carbide india limited (UCIL) started to release toxic gasses due to the leakage of water into 42 tonnes of  Methyl isocyanate (MIC). This disaster took more than 10,000 lives. Photographer Raghu Rai and Pablo Bartholomew rushed in the morning to cover the incident and took this iconic image which prevailed through media for days. The image was taken when a baby girl, who was poisoned to death, was being buried by her father. Unable to withstand the sorrow the photographers broke down and cried at the incident.


Napalm girl

by Nick Ut

This famous photograph was taken during the time of Vietnam war Nine-year-old Kim Phuc , middle, was running for her life when the Vietnamese forces accidentally dropped flaming napalm on its on troop on June 8th, 1972. The terrified girl had ripped off burning clothes while running for her life. The picture was awarded the Pulitzer prize in 1973.


The sailor’s kiss

by Alfred Eisenstaedt

It was the time when the second world war was over and the soldiers were returning home (14th august 1945). Everyone was in intense excitement when a sailor, Glenn McDuffie, kissed a nurse unknown to him, Edith Shain, in the middle of Time Square NewYork.

On 27 August 1945, the black and white photograph became the cover of the journal LIFE.

“I was happy! I started running on the streets and then I saw the nurse. She also looked at me smiling… I just walked towards her and kissed her. We didn’t share a word. Then, I took the train to Brooklyn.” – Glenn McDuffie


The Afgan girl

by Steve McCurry

The striking portrait of 12-year-old Sharbat Gula, a Pashtun orphan in the Nasir Bagh refugee camp on the Afghan-Pakistan border, was taken in December 1984.
At the time this photo was taken, Afganistan was in a constant state of chaos. This young girl, whose parents were killed by soviet bombing when she was six, had been living in the refugee camp for 7 years. The photograph portrays the innocence and youth she managed to salvage even though she had already lived a hard life of 7 years when this photograph was taken.


The Vulture and the baby

by Kevin Carter

This photograph was taken by award winning photographer Kevin Carter in his travel to Sudan to cover the devasting famine there. Outside a feeding station, carter found a baby girl starving and by the side, a vulture waiting her to die. Carter was accused of inhumanity in not helping the child and leaving her vulnerable to attack.

Personal note: If you are going to go on a follow-up research on such photographs, be mentally ready to see some of the photographs out there and their back stories. Cheers!

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