5 Creative And Easy DIY Projects For Ages 8+

Looking for some fun DIY arts and crafts for kids? Check these fun and creative craft ideas on our list for perfect ways to keep those little hands busy!

Children love crafts, and that is a known fact – the little ones have much more energy than we do, and they are always looking for ways to use it. Crafts are an outstanding way to keep your children busy and happy at the same time, and the truth is that crafts will also benefit them on many different levels. That being said, homemade items, toys, decorations and such can help children develop their creativity and imagination, it helps them train their skills and to improve their limb coordination at the same time. Here you will find 5 great craft ideas that your children will certainly love…!!!


This one glows in the dark!

Lava lamps are the groovy colorful lamps you remember seeing as a kid and there’s a super easy way to replicate the look at home that makes them fun for kids and a cool science experiment to boot! What’s the science behind it? Oil and water don’t mix so when the antacid tablets reach the water, they release carbon dioxide bubbles which rise up through the oil creating cool colored bubbles in the process.These DIY lava lamps are so easy to set up and make such an interesting and visual experiment for kids.



You can put them in frames!

Skeleton leaves are beautiful, delicate, and lacy.This project can be done with a variety of fresh leaves in the spring, summer, or fall. (Adult supervision is advised).Make sure the leaves are waxy and veiny because they work the best.!These skeleton leaves can be put in frames and can be used as room decors too…!!!



 You can use Easter eggs for more than just baskets!

This DIY Easter Egg Wreath is the perfect decoration for any Easter occasion! Also, this could make an awesome gift. You can attach hanger to it so that you can hang it easily on your door or in your window.



Ward away dark spirits and nightmares!

Filter out those bad dreams and sleep more soundly with a DIY dreamcatcher.But apart from saving us from dreams we don’t want to dream, dream catchers are also symbols of strength and unity that is why it’s usually hung up high and free. In addition, these could also serve as beautiful decorations. The designs vary and you can even make your own dream catcher.



Pom Poms…!!!

 With some basic knitting and sewing stitches, you can make a cute little yarn ball bookmark to enjoy with your favorite book.Warm and fuzzy yarn ball bookmarks are a quick and easy craft to make and enjoy! You can also gift these to your friends who are book lovers.

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