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10 Delicious Movies You Must watch If you are a foodie

Caution: American Pie is not in the list

A movie has no taste neither smell. Even though the main aspects of food are lost in the films, here is a list of 10 movies which will surely make your mouth water.


Written and directed by Jon Favreau

Carl(Jon Favreau) is a chef at an upscale eatery who feels hindered by the dull menu demanded by his manager. When he loses his temper and thus his job, he returns to his cooking career making Cuban sandwiches in a food truck with his son. The movie is filled with tempting imagery of food.


The Hundred Foot Journey

Directed by Lasse Hallström

An Indian family moves to France and sets up a restaurant opposite a French restaurant. An intense professional rivalry breaks out between the restaurant owners. Various french dishes are displayed on the screen which can water your mouth.



Directed by John Wells

Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) is a talented chef who fell from grace as a result of his bold obnoxiousness. Decided to bring back his career from the dead, he moves to London and starts working in a respected restaurant.



Directed by Brad Bird & Jan Pinkava

Remy, a rat, wants to become a famous French chef. He doesn’t understand that people hate rodents and will never enjoy a meal cooked by him.


The Lunchbox

Directed by Ritesh Batra

A lunchbox gets interchanged by a goofy Tiffin carrier service results in an unusual relationship between Ila and Sajan Fernandes. 


Salt N’ Pepper

Directed by Ashique Abu

Kalidasan, a foodie, receives a wrong phone call. He finds that the person at the other end, Maya, is also fond of food and cooking. Soon they start to cook together and develop feelings for each other.


Big Night

Directed by Stanley Tucci & Campbell Scott

Two Italian brothers, a chef and a businessman, must do whatever it takes to save their failing restaurant.


The Trip

Directed by Michael Winterbottom

Steve Coogan is asked to tour the restaurants in Northern England. When his girlfriend backs out, he invites his best frenemy and Rob Brydon, instead.



Directed by Lasse Hallström

The movie happens to a chocolatier and her daughter who open up a chocolate shop in a small, French village and like her chocolates, she stirs their feelings of love, hate, fear, etc. and draws them out.


Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller

Flint Lockwood is an inventor who develops unimportant things. When his local sardine cannery shuts down and a serious money-based problem stands near and threatens ahead, he decides to put his latest invention to work. He invents a machine that converts water into food.

Have you got any other foodie movies in mind? Feel free to comment! Cheers!

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